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    About Me

    Porn star Drew Peters may have the face of an angel but he’s actually one of the dirtiest, kinkiest performers in the industry. Although you might never guess it, this Midwestern boy has appeared in several fetish films doing everything from watersports to fisting. Some of Drew’s most notable titles include Straight Men Fucking, Dungeon, Piss Whores and Raw Ass Fuckers for SX Video.

    As a young performer, Drew got his start in the late 1990s, appearing in more vanilla films like Soaked and Deception 2 for Jock Studios. However it wasn’t long before Drew’s true kink desires merged with his on-screen persona and he began shooting bareback films. Giving his 7-inch cut cock a rest, Drew has appeared in fisting themed films like Mister Fister and Slam Dunk, both for Club Inferno studios. Drew is a very solid sexual performer who manages to maintain energy and skill during every sex scene he’s in.

    Aside from his adult work, Drew has also worked as a lifeguard and enjoys swimming and shopping on his downtime.

    My Stats

    Gender : Male

    Date of Birth: 

    Ethnicity: White

    Hair color: Blonde

    Eye color: Blue

    Height: 5 ft 8 in
    (173 cm)

    Weight: 140lb (64kg)

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