About Us

Ethical Advertising for Dating Pornstars and Porn Companions

We are an advertising platform which puts Dating Pornstars first. We aim to include all genders and demographics, provide fair pricing and focus on continual development. We developed DP in 2019 to fill the gap of ethical advertisement solution for Dating Pornstars and Porn Companions. Pornstars across the globe needed a new and reliable alternative, so we stepped in.

Pornstars deserve the same services and rights as anyone else, DP is here to raise the bar. Run and developed by Pornstars and technologists, we’ve put together an advertising platform which puts Pornstar first. We aim to include all genders and demographics, provide fair pricing and focus on continual development of the platform.

Why DatingPornstar.com (DP) is different:

We Publish Advertisers As Dating Pornstars 

DP is specially designed to Publish Advertisers as Dating Pornstars or Porn Companions instead of Illegal Representations. All Listed Pornstars gets targeted traffic suitable for Dating and Companionship both.

We cater to all genders

DP is inclusive of all genders. Whilst the male side of the Dating industry is finally being represented on platforms, non binary and trans Pornstars are still finding themselves very much left out of the conversation. During building DP, we consulted with a number of non binary and trans Pornstars to find out exactly how we can help cater to their side of the Companionship community.

We don’t use exploitative pricing models

High monthly fees are something which have become lodged in our industry from exploitative sites like Backpage, Eros etc. Regardless of how high or low your rates are, you should only be paying for the value you get from our platform or any other platform.

We ask clients to support the community

Clients have the option of upgrading their free accounts to a client account which not only provides access to many more features but also enables them to give back to the community.

Upgraded client accounts are charged a small monthly fee which goes directly into the Companionship community.

We are focused on social

Social is a such a huge part of both the marketing process and client selection process so we’ve made it a priority on the platform. As a part of Direct Twitter Promotion we have implemented Twitter Feeds which allows an easy access point for clients to see how you are as a person.

We are dedicated to bridging the gap between Dating and tech
From our beginnings in 2019, we have been dedicated to bringing the worlds of Pornstar Companionship and tech together. Our team covers both of these fields and believes in fully harnessing new technology to raise the bar in Dating advertising and client management. You deserve the same level of support, analytics, development and value others are provided with outside of Companionship.