Barbara Summer


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    About Me

    Barbara Summer is a goddess. With gorgeous blond hair and super smooth skin, a small country of porn lovers everywhere could worship her body and build shrines in her honor. Even though she has a damn near perfect body, it is her beautiful tits that really stand out and grab your attention. She also has penetrating green eyes that stare deep into your soul as she sucks your cock and brings you to the point of ecstasy. Watch her in action in one of her most recent films “There Will Be Cum” in which she takes it up the ass like a champ. If that is not enough for you then don’t worry, she has over 200 films in order for you to get your fix!

    My Stats

    Gender : Female

    Date of Birth: 

    Ethnicity: White

    Hair color: Blonde

    Eye color: Green

    Height: 5 ft 4 in
    (163 cm)


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