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    About Me

    Amber Lynn is one of the three blonde beauties with the last name of Lynn that ruled the 80’s hardcore porn scene. This scrumptious bombshell (aka Amber Lynn Lane, Amber Lynn Adams) has an absolutely delectable body that is very trim. With incredible curves on her stunning 5’7” frame combined with her gorgeous face, Amber has been one of the most prominent starlets since her 1984 debut.

    A California native, Amber Lynn was born in Newport Beach on September 3, 1963. This girl always had dreams of becoming a glamour model, growing up in a broken home with her four brothers. She didn’t appreciate school and leaned toward having fun with her girlfriends after she finished high school. Amber happened to meet Althea Flynt, former wife of Hustler publisher Larry Flynt, at a Los Angeles bar and grill. She started doing pictorials for many men’s magazines shortly after this chance meeting. This fiery vixen became friends with the other top magazine models of the time, Ginger Lynn, Christy Canyon, and Traci Lords. All of the girls eventually followed Ginger’s lead and make the jump into the adult film industry.

    Amber made her hardcore debut in 1984 with the movie ‘Personal Touch, Part III.’ This turned out to be not only her first time having sex on camera, but also the first blowjob she ever gave. She came to realize how the porn stars were being taken advantage of by the business, so Amber teamed up with Ginger and Traci Lords to push for better treatment and respect for the individuals performing in the industry.

    After their attempts to improve the standards with the industry, the entire industry was almost brought down by a scandal around Traci Lords. Amber managed to escape this incident without many problems, but Ginger Lynn and Traci both weren’t so lucky.

    After the Traci Lords scandal, Amber started looking for something better and found an opportunity with live on stage performance work. She became one of the pioneers of feature dancing, and started the whole circuit “feature dancing” system. Amber even moved to Canada briefly during this time period to capitalize on her newfound lucrative career. This temptress did feature dancing exclusively for around 2 years, before every girl that had appeared in porn jumped onto the circuit, dragging pay rates into the gutter.

    Amber headed back to Los Angeles, continuing her feature dancing while refocusing on her magazine work that brought her into the industry. It was at this point in her life that she met Aerosmith and ended up spending a lot of time with the band. She even dated one of them for almost six years.

    In the early to mid 90’s Amber found the featuring dancing business to be on a continual decline, so she found herself performing in films again. During this time she did non-sex and girl-on-girl roles only, due to her rates for boy-girl scenes. Amber developed an alcohol abuse problem during this time due to her disappointment with her feature dancing and her declining status in the porn industry.

    She picked herself up and committed to “get clean” in December of 1999. Amber also made strides in her career with her first double penetration scene in early 2000. She found that she really enjoyed the experience, and has continued doing scenes happier and sober. Another new trick this sexy starlet has picked up is how to squirt, which helped her stay in demand with today’s anything-goes …

    My Stats

    Gender : Female

    Date of Birth: 

    Ethnicity: White

    Hair color: Blonde

    Eye color: Green

    Height: 5 ft 7 in
    (170 cm)

    Weight: 130lb (59kg)

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