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    About Me

    You might already know the Maverick Men as Cole Maverick and Hunter “Maverick Man” from MaverickMan22 Productions. This pair of horny guys have been in love and lust for more than a decade. One of their favorite pastimes is filming their fun, sexy adventures together and with the hot men they meet while camping, hiking, and clubbing. Cole and Hunter have made great friends in their travels, and all the guys in their videos are fans who have gotten in touch with them. Some of these guest stars make repeat appearances.

    By doing all their own filming and editing, the Maverick Men are able to maintain the real and consistently spicy flavor that their fans know and love. They cast the kinds of guys who turn them on, and most of all, honest, open guys with a positive attitude are a must. Masculine guys who are scruffy and natural or even sweetly boyish turn them on the most, but fem guys who are very sexy might make the cut too. Cole and Hunter love guys who aim to please them and are hungry for wild sex in unusual locations. As alpha male tops, the Maverick Men are especially fond of virgin cherry boys and tops who bottom for the first time for them!

    My Stats

    Gender : Male

    Date of Birth: 

    Ethnicity: White

    Hair color:

    Eye color: Brown



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