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    About Me

    Coming out of the Czech Republic with an unending lust for dick and ass in equal measure, Pigboy is a truly versatile rising star of the gay porn scene and you don’t want to miss what he can do with that outstanding ass and uncut cock.

    Pigboy’s many tattoos and rough look tell you a lot about him. He’s every bit as hardcore as he looks—it takes a lot to get your face tattooed as well as most of your body, and a guy who would get guns tattooed on his thighs is definitely making a statement of toughness. We love the fact that Pigboy can back up that appearance (and that name) with his insatiable piggy style. He’s an aggressive top who can also take a pounding as well as he delivers one. When you see how hard his big uncut cock gets as he’s taking a breeding, you know he’s really in hog heaven.

    One of Pigboy’s earliest movies from his Czech amateur porn days is Bare Meeting on Prague. Even back then, it was obvious that he was going to become an incorrigible slut and we’re so happy that turned out to be the case!

    At the Boxer fetish shop in Berlin, guys know that they can get attentive service from the hot men who work there. Fuckaholics from Macho Factory features Pigboy with Rod Beckman and Quawn Hardi in a hot, nasty threeway. Pigboy travels to Paris for Pig Boy Raw Fucked in Paris from his own Pig Boy Ruben studio. Watch how he takes that guy’s big, thick Arab dick in his throat and his asshole, and then reciprocates with a deep and dirty flip-flop! Pig Boy Ruben has also captured Pigboy’s conquests in Raw Rider Pig Boy Loves It Ruff as well as his more aggressive, kinky topping action in Creampied.

    All Real Bareback’s delicious and dirty Bareback Business is a two-scene orgy starring Pigboy, Joe Bexter, Fostter Riviera, Alejandro Alvarez, Andrew Bozek, Loon Parker, and Toni Verga.

    My Stats

    Gender : Male

    Date of Birth: 

    Ethnicity: White

    Hair color: Brown

    Eye color:



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