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    About Me

    Mimi Allen is a Latin cutie originally from Florida. The daughter of Cuban immigrants, Mimi started shooting porn at the age of nineteen. She really enjoys performing for the cameras and admits to being a bit of an exhibitionist. Nothing gets her off more than knowing so many men and women are watching her get fucked on screen. The tiny Latina considers herself bisexual and would be very happy to be involved in a threesome relationship. Mimi names doggy style as her favorite position because it’s perfect for spankings. Although she does have a kinky side to her she’s yet to explore that fully on film but hopes to remedy that soon. Aside from becoming the next biggest porn star, Mimi aspires to one-day write a humorous novel about her time in the adult industry. When she’s not performing Mimi spends her time writing and exploring outdoors. She loves camping and is most at home sleeping under the stars.

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    Gender : Female

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