Mariah Milano


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    About Me

    Aliases: Mariah Kane, Mariah Wind, Mariah

    Born in Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve 1979, Mariah Milano started doing adult movies only a couple of weeks after her 18th birthday! Since that fateful day in early 1998, she has become known for one of the best blowjobs in porn. Mariah is an ambitious starlet who steamed up fifteen films in her first year. This voracious sex appetite has made her one of the most recognizable women in the adult market, along with her talent for down and dirty group scenes. Mariah now owns, designs and operates an official website.

    My Stats

    Gender : Female

    Date of Birth: 31-Dec-79

    Ethnicity: Hispanic

    Hair color: Brunette

    Eye color: Brown

    Height: 5 ft 5 in
    (165 cm)

    Weight: 106lb (48kg)

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