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    If you recognize the face but not the name that’s because Kamil Fox has worked under a variety of aliases. Having worked with some of the top European and American studios in the industry since he began filming in the mid 2000’s, Kamil has been listed under the following names: Marco Mark, Roger Gharney, Steve Ward, Carlos Chekka, Johny Krutek, Milo and Robert Novy. Like most European performers Kamil has no qualms about shooting bareback and has appeared in condom free films like Raw Courage, Bareback Spunk Frenzy, Bareback Vacation and Bareback Ass Busters. Kamil also worked as an exclusive performer for top European studio Eurocreme. Kamil shot some of his most intense scenes with Eurocreme many of which can be seen in a best of collection released by the studio. The best or release, simply titled Kamil Fox, showcases his ability to perform in double penetration scenes and his always copious cum shots. Aside from his work in European films, Kamil can be seen in movies released by American studios TitanMen, Falcon and Studio 2000.

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