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    About Me

    Pornstar Gigi Ferari was born on March 04, 1985. Born and raised in Illinois she grew up in a small town called Jerseyville, near St. Louis. While Gigi enjoyed living in a close community her need for freedom prompted her to move to Chicago. It was there that she got recruited to appear in adult features and she jumped at the chance to leave everything behind and move to Los Angeles. Gigi made her big debut in 2004 starting out with small gonzo features and working her way up the adult ladder. Gigi is widely known for her oral skills and the bulk of her movies showcase her cock sucking talents. She lasted three years in the industry but in 2007 was forced to leave due to an illness. Although her porn career was brief she left a lasting impression with countless fans and will hopefully return to shoot in the future.

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    Gender : Female

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