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    About Me

    With his beard and tattoos, Buck Richards is giving us a wolf vibe that we’re into, but do you remember a time before the scruff and bulk? Buck has always been a tall, toned, good-looking man, instantly recognizable thanks to his tattoo of headphones draped around his neck and shoulders. He’s even hotter with the beard, body hair, and muscles.

    Buck began performing in 2015. He’s a standout in early scenes such asSlam That Holefrom Hot House Entertainment, an awesome flip-fuck with Logan Moore. Buck had a shaved head in this one and as much as we like him with a full head of hair, this look is sexy too.

    In Raging Stallion Studios’Gaymers, Buck flip-fucks with sexy Eddie West in a virtual reality fantasy while Spencer Whitman watches. It’s VR voyeurism at its finest, and when Buck and Eddie shoot their loads all over Buck’s sweat-slick torso, you will lose your load too.TSA Checkpoint, also from Raging Stallion, sees Buck as a horny airport barista who sees first class passenger Trent King watching porn in the lounge and decides to serve up more than coffee.

    Bromo’sBareback Inquisitionis a bondage and sex sling fantasy. While Buck is locked in a dungeon with Jaxton Wheeler, they can’t wait for their mysterious captor to come down and have his way with them. Something about being locked up in such proximity to each other’s musky masculinity is a turn-on; who knew? Buck quickly submits to Jaxton and takes a pounding. Next, we see that Damien Stone is also in the dungeon and he wants a piece of Buck for himself.

    Ogle all six feet and three inches of Buck’s brawny goodness in our VOD theater.

    Tattoos: Fake headphones around neck with cord trailing down left side of chest; Full sleeve right arm; Script right side; Red bite mark on left pectoral; Script inside left elbow; Left elbow; Nape; Left upper back

    My Stats

    Gender : Male

    Date of Birth: 

    Ethnicity: White

    Hair color: Brown

    Eye color: Brown

    Height: 6 ft 3 in
    (191 cm)

    Weight: 189lb (86kg)

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