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    Meet the girl who’s going to bring tranny porn to the forefront. Alana Ferreira may have the nicest set of tits a person has seen, but she also comes packing with a 9 inch cock. Alana always makes sure she pleases young men who think good blowjobs and ass fucking can only be done by little Mary Rottencrotch from down the block. Think again, because Alana will let you fuck the shit out of her, sliding up and down on stiff man meat with no regret, and then jerk off on YOUR stomach while you cum in her ass. The experience and only be believed if you see it. Venture in and watch Alana take over scenes with her slender athletic body and huge angelic cock. Her chemistry with her boy toys is so automatic that she hardly has to touch them before their stiff, long, and veiny chico sticks are erect and ready to fuck. This lady boy shows that she’s all woman when her clothes are on, and all man when she is drilling hot asshole. Crack the mystery of tranny sexuality and let Alana show you the way.

    My Stats

    Gender : Shemale

    Date of Birth: 

    Ethnicity: Hispanic

    Hair color: Brown

    Eye color: Brown



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